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Looking smart around the office is vital for a variety of reasons such as giving your clients a great first impression.

WrightWear take that one step further by presenting a collection of officewear that’s both smart and stylish; expertly blending a variety of styles into cohesive outfits that ooze class and install confidence in their wearer.

Our selection of officewear varies. We have suit jackets, trousers and vests available for men; with suit jackets, trousers or skirts available for women. Alongside our suits we also have an excellent selection of shirts such as the timeless Oxford classic, and for offices that don’t necessarily require formal clothing we have an array of polo shirts to choose from in an equally vast variety of colours and designs.

Finalise your officewear by having us embroider or print your company logo or name onto the garments so you can represent your business with a touch of class.




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